Youth Choir

Youth Choir

There is a long tradition of choir music at CEPC including the Youth Choir. Everyone has their own voice and their own song to sing. Although singing is a small part of our worship to God, its benefits and importance cannot be overemphasized.

Jesus used the metaphor of the body of Christ. The metaphor describes the church as one body, with many members, not having the same function. Different gifts were given to the different members in the church, whereby they must serve, teach, encourage, lead and help the others (Romans 12:38).

Singing together is a great way for our kids to use their gifts, connect, praise God, and be a part of our awesome church community.  

Something New

This year, the Covenant Youth Choir will be playing musical instruments, learning many new songs, and just enjoy the time together with friends.

I hope you consider coming and experiencing the music, the fellowship, and the humor of this group.

The youth will become worship leaders and will be making a difference in their own spiritual growth.

Youth Choir

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